We have something truly beautiful for you today! A very talented duo that is known by “White Night” have released an exceptionally stunning song, Snow.
— The drunken coconut blog


White Night

1. A sleepless night.

2.  a night when it is never properly dark, as in high latitudes in summer.

White Night is an alternative electro-pop band based in both Berlin and San Francisco. The German-American duo draws inspiration from 1980's pop, classical music, contemporary-classical music, and jazz. The members, Willi Leinen and Elizabeth Boardman, in addition to being songwriters and producers, are classically trained musicians who perform on guitar and viola/baroque viola respectively. 

For more information about Willi Leinen as a guitarist:


For more information as Elizabeth Boardman as a violist:




Elizabeth Boardman
 Vocals / Viola

Willi Leinen
Electronics / Guitar